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Fund My New Beginnings is your partner in securing your future. We provide trustworthy funding solutions.

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Done For You Funding

Our premium white-glove service to get you the capital you deserve.

Done With You Funding

A consultative appraoch to funding. We show you how to put yourself in position to succeed.


A quick boost to your credit score for higher limits and better interest rates.

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We offer a complimentary 15 minute consultations to answer any questions you have about our process to maximize your funding.

Our Founder

Kenny Wilkerson

At a young age, Kenny found himself learning how to invest in real estate and building an ecommerce portfolio. As he ventured deeper into the world of entrepreneurship, Kenny recognized the weight of overhead costs—which often hindered the growth of aspiring business owners like himself. That’s when he saw a chance to change the game and help others navigate through financial hurdles.

More than money—Kenny’s purpose is about lifting up other business owners and making sure everyone’s got a shot at success. Kenny is building a legacy for his family and wants to show you how to build yours.


How much funding can you obtain?

A solid credit profile mixed with our expertise in funding sequences can maximize your capital. Click below to fill out Pre-Qualification form and our team will review it and be in touch.


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Your Credit Profile is More than Just a Score

A high credit score does not mean that you have an ideal profile for funding. We use our expertise to make sure you look good to the banks so you can maximize your funding.

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They Love Us


Kenny didn’t just help me with funding; he believed in my vision and supported me every step of the way. With his guidance, my business is thriving like never before.

– Lisa

Amazing Service

Kenny’s the real deal! Thanks to his funding, I was able to expand my business and reach new heights I never thought possible.


– Drew

Thank You

He worked his magic, and now I’m on track to achieve my financial goals. Forever grateful.

– James